Meet Luke and Jorge through the eyes of Jorge and Luke

Luke Head

Luke Heter was born in a place that wasn’t Fort Collins, Colorado. He did grow up there, though. After exploring all of the possible choices, he decided he wanted to play the saxophone, for it was the most regal instrument. After finishing doing so much music in Fort Collins, he decided to take a break from that, and pursued a degree in music education from Regis University in Denver. It was there that Luke’s world would irrevocably change for the better when he met Jorge, his brother from another mother, arguably his best friend, and also his mother’s favorite.. After about a month of being in six of each other’s seven classes, while also living two doors down from each other, the two would realize that they were, in fact, the same people from all of those classes that lived down the hall from each other in their freshman dorm.

While in college, Luke explored many things without Jorge, but a pretty large portion of them with him, too. After being awarded a degree in Music Education and also some other stuff, Luke would find full-time work as a Middle and High School music and theatre teacher in the suburbs of Denver. This is where Luke works. Outside of this, Luke enjoys not killing plants, occasionally hiking, disliking the new Star Wars films, being a bubbly bundle of joy to everyone he meets, owning property, working on random projects and ideas he and Jorge come up with, being, like, such a big nerd, playing instruments of various sizes and shapes, video games, and being monogamous. Luke also enjoys Bob Ross as a concept, enabling bad ideas, and being emotionally intelligent. He looks forward to where this podcast will take him, and boy is he worried about what Jorge wrote about him. (Written by Jorge.) 

Jorge Head

Jorge Palacios Jr. was born in the summer of his 27th year endowed with a talent for music and a bass face that could make any Luke swoon. The first fifteenish years of his life definitely happened, but let’s skip right to the peak of everyone’s life: high school. Jorge started his high school career at a small rural high school in the northern part of Colorado. He was a big fish in the little pond that was this high school’s music program, and he got a lot of new experiences under his belt through the school’s jazz band. He even learned some new instruments to support the band, and emerged as a proficient guitarist, bassist, and Trumpeter? Trumpetator.

For the second half of his high school journey, Jorge attended a Jesuit high school in the southern part of the Denver metro area. While there, he further explored his love of music and became involved with theatre. He also formed a meaningful connection with the Jesuits who taught there as well as his own personal faith.

Jorge attended a small Jesuit university in Denver with Luke. He studied music and religion and became an important member of both of those academic communities on campus. He also won a campus-wide beauty pageant in the spring of 2016 with the help of Luke, who played the piano much better than should have been possible that day.

Post-college, Jorge has embraced his love of nature by working at a local outdoor equipment store. He has also had some experience working with children both in a kindergarten classroom as well as in smaller groups at people’s homes. He loves kids. He is currently employed at a local school/church where he gets to continue to work with kids as well as coordinate aspects of the liturgy.

But back to the bass face. The face that Jorge makes while playing the bass is exquisite, and has actually earned him a not insignificant amount of fame and notoriety in Japan. He’s even been featured as a playable character in a recent Japanese-exclusive release of a popular dancing videogame (whose name has been omitted for legal reasons).

All in all, Jorge is a real dreamboat, and he’s very excited to bring this podcast to you.

Lovingly written by Luke.

P.S. All of the information in this biography is 100% true and accurate. 

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