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Season 2

Episode 4

We’re back! In this episode, Luke reveals some big life news and also a fun gift that he recently received, and Jorge teaches us some Beatles trivia. Did you know George Harrison left the band for a minute?? The fellas also discuss the pros and cons of various citation styles (how academic!), the bounty hunter Cad Bane (how nerdy!), and tell the story of “The Legend of the Near but Unsuccessful Copyright Claim (Part 1?)”. You’ll like it!

Episode 3

Once again, the extraordinary executive producers Luke and Jorge bring us an episode which will go down in the annals of history! But will it be for the correct reasons? The name may seem misleading, but in fact in a reference to a sport which our hosts discuss (and which Jorge played). Many things are discussed, such as watermelons, ideal road trips, national parks, the state of Ohio, and how if you’re growing a beard, the people who mostly comment on it are men. Quite the smorgasbord of conversation! And of course, this is the first video episode, so go over to the boys’ Youtube channel to watch this episode, instead of just listening. Wonderful!

Episode 2

In this romantic episode, Jorge and Luke explore 36 Questions to Fall in Love, a very reliable list of very relevant questions from a very serious publication. Please enjoy as they talk about topics such as their ideal day, their opinions on country music, hot grandpas, and how they’re desperately trying not to turn into their parents. They will also struggle to name five celebrity chefs. It’s basically just another dose of the usual nonsensical shenanigans. You will definitely like it, so what are you waiting for?

Episode 1

Woah! Look at that! Finally, season 2 has arrived! In this one, Luke and Jorge check in with each other, talk about what's new in each other's lives, and then get to the rest of the episode. They got around to trying the Spiderverse burger, they talk about gaming controllers, and then they make sounds at each other's stories. Seriously, what a bizarre way to open up the second season. Well, I guess it can only go up from here. Enjoy!

Season 1

Episode 18

Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there. Why, you must be here for the new podcast episode, is that right? Well, let me tell ya, it’s a real doozy. Let me ask you, have you been wondering what Ray Romano has been up to these days? Have you ever wondered what to do if people won’t get out of your way? Do you have strong feelings about pineapple on pizza? Do you know what will happen in 2040? You best check out this episode for the answers to all of these questions, and more!

Episode 17

Shareholders! Have you been wondering what happened to our brave heroes? Check out this episode to find out! On this episode, hosts Spices R. Nices and Sheboygan, Idaho are joined by the magnificent Emily to discuss such riveting topics as dump cakes, car drumming, Tinder bios and juice flavors. You won’t want to miss it!

Episode 16

Sweet sixteen! Executive producers Luke Heter and Jorge Palacios Jr. bring you yet another juicy episode filled with lots of goodness. Hosts Chips Ndip and Goku Naruto discuss topics like proper bar soap technique, how Luke is still the youngest person at his job, and whether we should start a Patreon. Check it out for an entertaining time. It’s free!

Episode 15

The second special episode in a row! Executive producers Luke Heter and Jorge Palacios Jr. sure managed to make another hit with this wacky scenario of a podcast episode. Guest hosts Phil N. Groovy and Chunky Liquid are joined by previous guests of the pod, Kate and Matthew. This episode is chaos incarnate. The fact that this was planned seems neither responsible nor plausible. Yet, here we are. But! Enjoy four separate propositions! Trust me, the description writer, you won't want to have missed this deeply strange episode. And if you want to be part of this deeply strange team, you could be our intern? Maybe one day YOU could write the descriptions! Enjoy!

Episode 14

This is a very special episode! Join guest hosts Raton NewMexico and Cimarron NewMexico as they drive in a truck at night through an undisclosed location. You’ll get to hear what Luke sounds like while he drives! If you love Whataburger, great times, and maybe a tiny bit of road noise, this episode is definitely for you.

Episode 13

Executive producers Jorge Palacios and Luke Heter are back with yet another uncut gem of an episode. Guest hosts Uncle Scar and JBecky JBronson stir quite a chaotic stew in this installment. Between some of the most high concept propositions to date, and tangents of which the like have rarely been seen, chaos is the game for this episode. These hosts also probably sing the most that has been heard on any episode thus far. Also there's a man giving his opinions on movie made for children, which is always something.

Episode 12

Executive producers Jorge Palacios and Luke Heter are once again asking you to listen to another great episode. Guest hosts Still Breathing and Don Chicharrón are joined by the great Drew, whose voice will be like warm honey for your earholes. Some questions you’ll hear answered are: “What color are dragons?” “Do Ewoks have lips?” “Is it really that big of a deal if you lose the end of your roll of tape?” and many others. Also, here’s a fun game: spot the word “fiduciary” in this episode. This episode is truly great.

Episode 11

Executive producers Jorge Palacios Jr and Luke Heter are pleased to present another, mostly on time, episode.. Guest hosts Kevin Twenty-Seven and CHARIZARD tackle many topics, including Kidz Bop versions of Danger Music, potential Denny's endorsements, and the importance of using titles in one's name. If only they gave a title to me, the lowly description writer...

Episode 10

Your friendly neighborhood executive producers Jorge Palacios Jr and Luke Heter are once again bringing us another tasty episode. Guest hosts Raspberry Jerry and Streep Hanks discuss with Our Good Friend Isabell May such topics as the icon Billy Mays, how to spend less money, and weird dreams they’ve had. This episode also features a special treat: Luke bumping the microphone stand five times. We are professionals.

Episode 9

Executive Producers Luke Heter and Jorge Palacios bring us another thrilling episode of the best podcast on the internet. This week, hosts Brick Breaker and Dalbus Umbleore are joined by Phil, Bill, and Will, Attorneys at Law. Tune in for some Wombat Facts, a totally original dual-wheeled proposition, and a frighteningly accurate Smeagol impression.

Episode 8

Thank you, Executive Producers Luke Heter and Jorge Palacios, for delivering another gem of an episode. This time, hosts Blue DaNube and Filthy McNasty discuss a wide range of topics, from how to run faster, a soup brand that shall not be named, flip phone nostalgia, and local newspapers. If you’re a human, this episode is definitely for you.

Episode 7

On this very special episode, thanks to Executive Producers Luke Heter and Jorge Palacios, you’ll get to hear the beauty of three grown adults playing the recorder. It actually sounds very good, and we’re not lying about that at all. Of course, there will definitely still be healthy servings of the usual banter and shenanigans. This is probably the most unique episode of any podcast ever (citation needed), so don’t miss it!

Episode 6

After months of (possibly non-existent) legal battles, executive producers Jorge Palacios and Luke Heter returned to bring you the next of (what they expect to be) many episodes of this podcast! On this episode, esteemed hosts Ignatius Loyola and Kenneth "Ken" YouFeelTheLoveTonight hang out at a wedding which Ignatius seems to be crashing. They speak and joke with Dr. R. Andrew Lee. They in-turn are also crashed, interact with passersby, and fail to make good jokes. But hey, that's the name of the podcast! Oh, and they ask that I make it known that they recorded this episode in person, with masks, outdoors, with all participants already having been vaccinated. Anyways, have fun listening or something...

Episode 5 (Part 2)

Executive producers Jorge Palacios and Luke Heter have, after a brief, unexpected, and completely unexplained hiatus, returned with a second part of their previous episode! They also bring word of more episodes to come in the very near future... On this episode, guest hosts Bryan Davíd Gilberto and Luke Lukeford, First of His Name, Keeper of the Keys, and Lord of the Nine Realms hangout with Our Buddy Matthew. This time around they answer questions from the internet, you the listeners, and even their own minds! Hopefully this fills the gaping hole in your life from the last few weeks.

Episode 5 (Part 1)

Executive producers Jorge Palacios and Luke Heter arrive once again behind schedule to deliver another episode of this magnificent POD into your ear-holes. On this episode, guest hosts Bryan Davíd Gilberto and Luke Lukeford, First of His Name, Keeper of the Keys, and Lord of the Nine Realms hangout with Our Buddy Matthew. The conversation is wide ranging, and more wholesome than usual, and even includes a formal response to a different guest on the show! If you think something is missing, that's because it is. But don't think too hard about it.

Episode 4

Executive producers Jorge Palacios and Luke Heter arrive fashionably late to 4th installment of this most thrilling series, BJASWCWLAJ. On this episode, guest hosts Colorado Willie and Kendrick Lamar discuss the MLB, ideas for merch, Farmville, sunburns, and much, much more. If you know Wolf Blitzer, get him on the Pod. Anyways, enjoy this episode. That is, if you're not unfashionable...

Episode 3

Executive producers Jorge Palacios and Luke Heter return to bring you another thrilling episode of BJASWCWLAJ. On this episode, guest hosts Jerry Garcia and Limewire Jack are joined by Our Friend Kate, who shares her many wise words. Topics of discussion include: how to make your car fly, what to do if your dog eats something it shouldn’t, and holes. Don’t miss this one! You’ll love it!

Episode 2

Executive Producers Jorge Palacios and Luke Heter return with a second episode (somehow). Our guest hosts, Santiago Rivera and Scully Cully Johnson, explore the world of helping strangers on the internet with their [admittedly, somewhat dubious claims of] expertise. Will these bozos get to actually answering your questions? Or will they just spend the whole episode asking for five star reviews on Apple Podcasts? There’s only one way to find out, brochacho.

Episode 1

Welcome to this first episode of this podcast, brought to you by executive producers Jorge Palacios and Luke Heter. Our guest hosts, Ben Stiller and Ben Ten, find themselves in quite the conundrum after planned surprise guest Oprah Winfrey pulls a surprise of her own… by cancelling on them. Will our heroes make it out of this situation unscathed, or will they be humiliated into non-existence? There’s only one way to find out, broski.

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